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City of Lubbock, Texas
Regular City Council Meeting
Thursday, November 1, 2018
Daniel M. Pope, Mayor
Jeff Griffith, Mayor Pro Tem, District 3
Juan A. Chadis, Councilman, District 1
Shelia Patterson Harris, Councilwoman, District 2
Steve Massengale, Councilman, District 4
Randy Christian, Councilman, District 5
Latrelle Joy, Councilwoman, District 6
     W. Jarrett Atkinson, City Manager
Chad Weaver, City Attorney
Rebecca Garza, City Secretary

City Council Chambers, 1625 13th Street, Lubbock, Texas

City of Lubbock City Council Meetings are available to all persons regardless of disability. If you require special assistance, please contact the City Secretary's Office at 775-2061 or write to Post Office Box 2000, Lubbock, Texas 79457 at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

Note: On occasion the City Council may consider agenda items out of order.

1:30 p.m. - City Council convenes in Work Session in Committee Room 103, to consider Items 1.-1.2. 

2:00 p.m. - City Council moves to City Council Chambers to consider Item 1.3., holding a Joint Workshop with the Planning and Zoning Commission. At the completion of the Joint Workshop, City Council recesses into Executive Session to consider Items 2.-2.2.

5:15 p.m. - City Council reconvenes in open session in City Hall Council Chambers to consider Items 3.-7.1.
1.   Work Session - Items for presentation and discussion on such issues that may require more in-depth consideration by the City Council, than Regular Agenda items.  Action may be taken on a Work Session item if the item indicates to the public the action to be taken.
1. 1.   Discuss planning, goals and priorities for the Lubbock City Council and the City of Lubbock, and discuss the programs, expenditures and policies of the City Council and the City of Lubbock, including but not limited to municipal fees, transportation, infrastructure, solid waste, Civic Center, Libraries, community engagement, communications, governance, budget, finance and debt, capital improvements, facilities, parks and recreation, health benefits, code enforcement, and staffing levels. This discussion may include a wide range of topics related to the programs, operation, and policies of the City Council and the City of Lubbock. Action may be taken by the City Council to give direction to the City Manager in regards to determining the priorities and goals discussed.
1. 2.   The City Council may discuss:
1) one or more Consent Agenda items that have been pulled from the Consent Agenda, pursuant to Lubbock City Council Rules; or
2) any item from the Regular Agenda, except an item that requires a public hearing. All public hearings will be held during consideration of the Regular Agenda. No action will be taken by the City Council during the Work Session.
1. 3.   Hold a Joint Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting with the City Council to hear a presentation by Freese and Nichols, Inc., and to discuss the final draft of the City of Lubbock 2040 Comprehensive Plan.
2.   Executive Session
2. 1.   Hold an executive session in accordance with Texas Government Code, Section 551.071, with legal counsel for advice about pending or contemplated litigation or settlement agreement and on matters in which the duty of the attorney under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct conflicts with Chapter 551.
2. 1. 1.  
Discuss City Council rules.
2. 2.   Hold an executive session in accordance with Texas Government Code, Section 551.087, to discuss or deliberate regarding commercial or financial information that the governmental body has received from a business prospect that the governmental body seeks to have locate, stay, or expand in or near the territory of the governmental body, and with which the governmental body is conducting economic development negotiations; and to deliberate the offer of a financial or other incentive to a business prospect described herein above.
3.   Proclamations and Presentations
3. 1.   Invocation by Father Jim Haney, St. Paul's on the Plains Episcopal Church
3. 2.   Pledges of Allegiance
3. 3.   Presentation of a Special Recognition in support of Municipal Court Week, November 5-9, 2018
3. 4.   Board Recognitions:

Community Development & Services Board
Chad Hill
Tiger Pratt
Barbara Rodgers

Libraries Board
Natalie Harris

Public Transit Advisory Board
Stephen Cowan
4.   Citizen Comments - According to Lubbock City Council Rules, any citizen wishing to appear before a regular meeting of the City Council, regarding any item posted on the City Council Agenda, shall complete the sign-up form provided at the meeting, no later than 5:15 p.m.
5.   Minutes
5. 1.   September 18, 2018 Special City Council Meeting - Electric Utility Board
October 1, 2018 Special City Council Meeting
October 9, 2018 Regular City Council Meeting
6.   Consent Agenda - Items considered to be routine and enacted by one motion without separate discussion. If the City Council desires to discuss an item, the item is removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately.
6. 1.   Budget Amendment Ordinance 2nd Reading - Finance: Consider Budget Ordinance No. 2018-O0125, Amendment 1, amending the FY 2018-19 Budget for municipal purposes respecting the Capital Program to establish Capital Improvement Project (CIP) 92607 - Berl Huffman Improvements; providing for filing; and providing for a savings clause.
6. 2.   Resolution - Finance: Consider a resolution authorizing the publication of a Notice of Intention to Issue City of Lubbock, Texas, Water and Wastewater System Revenue Bonds.
6. 3.   Ordinance 2nd Reading - Right-of-Way: Consider Ordinance No. 2018-O0082, abandoning and closing a 20-foot wide alley located between Lots 1 and 2, Block 56, Roberts & McWhorter Addition, just north of Clovis Road and east of North Temple Avenue, at 2010 Clovis Road.
6. 4.   Resolution - Right-of-Way: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign a Compromise Settlement Agreement and Release of Claims with Nanci Realty Corporation and John F. Masso, for the acquisition of 0.8648 acres of land out of Section 18, Block A, for the widening of Erskine Avenue, from Indiana Avenue to Quaker Avenue.
6. 5.   Resolution - Engineering: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute Contract 14072 with Freese and Nichols, Inc., for providing professional services for the Northwest Lubbock Drainage Improvements, Phase 3 Capital Improvements Project.
6. 6.   Resolution - Water Utilities: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute a Raw Water Lease with the Lake Alan Henry Water District.
6. 7.   Resolution - Traffic Operations: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute Purchase Order 91500108 with Structural & Steel Products, Inc., for the purchase of four Long Mast Arm Assemblies for the new traffic signal at the intersection of 98th Street and Milwaukee Avenue.
6. 8.   Resolution - Aviation: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute an Amendment to the Certificated Passenger Airline Operating Agreement and Terminal Building Lease, changing the definition of Signatory Airline.
6. 9.   Resolution - Aviation: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute a Certificated Airline Operating Agreement and Ramp Use Lease between the City of Lubbock and Federal Express.
6. 10.   Resolution - Aviation: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute a Certificated Airline Operating Agreement and Ramp Use Lease between the City of Lubbock and United Parcel Service Company (UPS).
6. 11.   Resolution - Parks and Recreation: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute Purchase Order Contract 90500048 with EZ Dock, Inc., for replacement of three existing fishing docks in various parks in the City.
6. 12.   Resolution - Business Development: Consider a resolution authorizing the establishment of the Lubbock East Neighborhood Empowerment Zone for the purpose of encouraging redevelopment and revitalization within the City of Lubbock, through the promotion of economic development within the Zone.
6. 13.   Resolution - City Manager: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute a contract with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) regarding a temporary closure of Texas State Highway Loop 289 during the Mayor's Marathon.
7.   Regular Agenda
7. 1.   Public Hearing 5:15 p.m. - Planning: Conduct a public hearing and consider an ordinance amending Articles 40.03.2233, 40.03.2243, 40.03.2483, 40.03.2493(a), 40.03.3103, and 40.04.015 of Chapter 40 (Zoning Code) of the Lubbock Code of Ordinances, by reallocating certain land uses among the various existing zoning districts according to intensity of uses, including amendments to C-4, M-1, and Specific Use zoning districts, to provide for the changes to said zoning districts; providing a penalty clause; providing a savings clause; providing a consistency in application clause; and providing for publication.

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