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Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 01/10/2019  

Agenda Item
Ordinance 2nd Reading - Planning: Consider Ordinance No. 2018-O0146, as recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission to the City Council, regarding amendments to Chapter 40 “Zoning" of the Code of Ordinances, to amend the sign ordinance to allow freestanding neighborhood entry signs within or immediately adjacent to the following residential districts: Single-Family Residential (R-1), Reduced Setback Single-Family Residential (R-1A), and Two-Family Residential (R-2).
Item Summary
On December 17, 2018, the City Council approved the first reading of the ordinance.

This is a recommendation to amend Chapter 40 “Zoning” of the code of ordinances to allow freestanding signs for single-family and two-family residential subdivisions.

Freestanding signs for single-family and two-family residential developments containing more than ten units shall be permitted on any zoning district subject to the following regulations.

1. Signs shall be limited to the residential subdivision name and within a 500-foot radius of the residential subdivision property.
2. A residential subdivision sign will not be counted towards any other zoning district maximum.
3. One (1) gateway sign, per street frontage, per residential subdivision, is allowed.
4. One gateway sign can consist of multiple structures.
5. Each sign shall have a maximum sign copy area of 25 square feet.
6. Total height limit is 8 feet.
7. Illumination must comply with the full sign ordinance.
8. No electronic message displays are allowed.
9. The sign shall be placed so that the visibility will not be obstructed from any driveway curb cut, alley return, or driveway-alley combination.
10. Freestanding signs shall be of a pedestal or monument type. Construction materials shall be compatible with other structural forms on the development lot. Elevation drawings shall be submitted for staff review prior to issuance of a building permit, showing construction materials and detail.

On November 6, 2018, the PZC recommended approval of the request by a unanimous vote.
Fiscal Impact
Staff/Board Recommending
Jesica McEachern, Assistant City Manager
Planning and Zoning Commission

Subdivision Sign Ordinance
Proposed Amendment - Freestanding Neighborhood Signs

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