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Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 01/10/2019  

Agenda Item
Public Hearing - Planning: Consider a request for Zone Case 2161-K, a request of Wes Hallmark, for the National Veterinary Association, Inc., for Specific Use for Veterinary Clinic, to allow a veterinary clinic to be located on land zoned General Retail (C-3) at 8222 University Avenue, approximately 425 feet north of the intersection of 86th Street and University Avenue, High Plains Addition, Tract A5B4A, and consider an ordinance.
Item Summary
The applicant has requested approval of a Specific Use for the land use category "Veterinary Clinic" to be applied to land zoned General Retail (C-3).

Previous Zoning History:
Annexation 006201 - October 27, 1971, City Council approved an ordinance to annex the subject property.

Zone Case 2161-B - May 7, 1986, City Council approved a rezoning to General Retail District (C-3) at this location.

Adjacent Land Uses and Zoning:
North: General Retail (C-3); Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant
South: General Retail (C-3); Whataburger Restaurant
East: Local Retail (C-2); South House Grill & Bakery
West: General Retail (C-3); Cinemark Tinseltown Movie Theatre

Conformance with Future Land Use Plan (FLUP):
The 2040 Future Land Use Plan (FLUP) has this area designated for “Commercial” land uses. The requested C-3 zoning is appropriate in this land use category. Recommended zoning districts in this land use category are Commercial Apartment (CA), Neighborhood Service (C-1), Garden Office (GO), Local Retail (C-2), General Retail(C-3), and Commercial Districts (C-4).

Conformance with Zoning Code:
The C-3 Specific Use request is consistent with the Zoning Ordinance. This property is located on University Avenue, which is designated as a thoroughfare.

According to the Zoning Code, the purpose of the C-3 district is: “. . . to provide for general commercial uses which are medium activity centers in terms of generated traffic. Such districts should be adjacent to local or regional thoroughfares such as state or federal highways. Because of the commercial nature of the permitted uses, compatibility with adjacent residential areas should be considered.”

This property is adjacent to General Retail (C-3) zoning on 3 sides and is immediately across from Local Retail (C-2). There are no residential properties adjacent to the subject property. The requested Specific Use would be appropriate in this location.

Impact on Surrounding Uses:
Staff does not foresee a negative impact on the surrounding areas due to the existing zoning districts immediately adjacent to the subject property.

Effect on Adjacent Streets and Thoroughfare System:
Staff does not foresee a negative impact on the adjacent streets and thoroughfare system since the subject property is already zoned C-3. The Specific Use designation will not constitute additional traffic above the current zoning.

Staff recommends approval of the request due to the following reasons:
1. The request is consistent with 2040 Future Land Use Plan.
2. The request meets the purpose of the C-3 zone in terms of locating the property adjacent to a thoroughfare. In addition, there are no residential properties adjacent to the subject property.
3. The request would not negatively impact the surrounding area or thoroughfare system.

Planning and Zoning Commission Hearing:
No citizens spoke in favor of, or in opposition to the request. A total of 8 notices were sent to adjacent property owners. Staff did not receive any written responses.

On December 4, 2018, the PZC recommended approval of the request by a unanimous vote.
Fiscal Impact
Staff/Board Recommending
Jesica McEachern, Assistant City Manager
Planning and Zoning Commission

2161-K Ordinance
2161-K Documentation

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