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Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 01/10/2019  

Agenda Item
Public Hearing - Planning: Consider a request for Zone Case 3364, a request of Subodh Patel for a zone change to Local Retail (C-2) (applicant and PZC recommended Restricted Local Retail C-2A instead of C-2) from Transitional (T) at 11806 Slide Road, at the southeast corner of Slide Road and 116th Street, 3.466 acres of unplatted land out of Block E2, Section 24, AB 1331, East 600’ of Tract B2, and consider an ordinance.
Item Summary
The applicant originally requested a zone change to Local Retail District (C-2) from Transitional District (T), in order to sell the property. However, after discussion with the Planning staff prior to the Planning and Zoning Commission hearing, the applicant modified the request to C-2A, which this report reflects.

This property fronts on the west side of Slide Road, approximately 1,300 feet south of 114th Street, where 118th Street terminates on the east side of Slide Road. The property in question is unplatted. Slide Road at this location is designated as a T-2 thoroughfare, maintained by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), and is developed as a 7-lane road, paved with curb and gutter.

Previous Zoning History:
The property was annexed in 2005. This is the first zoning request for this property.

Adjacent Land Uses and Zoning:
North: Transitional District (T); single family home
South: Interstate Highway Commercial District (IHC); Paceline Collision automotive repair
East: Local Retail District (C-2), vacant land, entrance to Oakmont Estates subdivision
West: Outside City Limits, warehouses

Conformance with Future Land Use Plan (FLUP):
The FLUP designates this property as the “Light Commercial/Retail” land use category. This category recommends uses compatible with the C-2 and General Retail (C-3) zoning districts. However, the FLUP also specifies that the “Light Commercial/Retail” category should be limited to the commercial nodes at thoroughfare intersections. The FLUP further recommends that thoroughfare frontage between these nodes should be designated as the “Neighborhood Center” land use category. This land use category recommends land uses compatible with the Garden Office (GO) and Restricted Local Retail (C-2A) zoning districts.

Staff assesses that the “Neighborhood Center” land use category is appropriate for this location, and that the zone change request for C-2 is not in keeping with the intent of the FLUP as originally stated. Staff assesses, however, that the request for C-2A is in keeping with intent of the Future Land Use Plan.

Conformance with Zoning Code:
The purpose of the C-2 District is to "...provide limited local retail and service commercial uses which serve one of several neighborhoods. Such districts may be located on existing thoroughfares or at the intersections of major thoroughfares."

The purpose of the C-2A District is to "...provide limited local retail and service commercial uses which serve one or several neighborhoods. Such districts may be located on existing shallow commercial centers adjacent to thoroughfares."

According to these purpose statements, the C-2A District has much more latitude to fit into this location. Staff assesses that the zone change request to C-2A is in keeping with the intent of the City of Lubbock Zoning Code of Ordinances.

Impact on Surrounding Uses:
The current surrounding land uses are commercial or industrial except for one adjacent single-family home. The C-2A district is an appropriate buffer district next to residential land uses, and therefore is expected to have only minimal impact on this home.

The property to the south is zoned IHC, a higher intensity commercial zoning than the C-2A requested for this property, and is developed as an automotive repair shop. This property is unlikely to be negatively impacted by permitted uses in the C-2A district. The property to the west is outside city limits, developed as warehouses, and is also unlikely to be negatively affected. It is possible in the future that the land to the west could be replatted and developed as a subdivision of single family homes, which would be only minimally impacted by C-2A uses.

The properties to the east are vacant, but are zoned C-2, so their compatibility is assumed. Staff recommends weighing the impact on the existing adjacent single-family home, but assesses limited detrimental impact overall.

Effect on the Adjacent Streets and Thoroughfare System:
Slide Road at this location is a 7-lane T-2 thoroughfare. As such, Staff assesses no impact on the adjacent thoroughfare system or on traffic.

Staff recommends approval of the request for C-2A zoning, based on the following reasons:
1. The request for C-2A is consistent with the FLUP.
2. The request is in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance.
3. The proposed change should not have any adverse impact on the character of surrounding areas or on the adjacent thoroughfare system.

Planning and Zoning Commission Hearing:
No citizens spoke in favor of, or in opposition to the request. A total of 11 notices were sent to adjacent property owners. Staff received 1 written response in favor of the request and 2 written responses in opposition to the request.

On December 4, 2018, the PZC recommended approval of the request by a unanimous vote.
Fiscal Impact
Staff/Board Recommending
Jesica McEachern, Assistant City Manager
Planning and Zoning Commission

3364 Ordinance
3364 Documentation

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