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Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 01/10/2019  

Agenda Item
Resolution - Civic Centers: Consider a resolution approving the recommendation from the Cultural Arts Grant Review Committee and the Civic Lubbock, Inc. (CLI) Board of Directors, for the second of two grant periods for the 2018 Cultural Arts Grant Program (CAGP), using Hotel Occupancy Tax funds allocated for Fiscal Year 2017-18.
Item Summary
On September 21, 2005, the Lubbock City Council approved an agreement with CLI which authorized CLI to administer the City of Lubbock’s CAGP, which is funded through an allocation of the Hotel Occupancy Tax. The funds for the CAGP are used in making grant awards to local non-profit organizations for the encouragement, promotion, improvement, and application of the arts, and the promotion of tourism in the Lubbock community.

The fund amount paid to CLI for the 2018 CAGP was $437,924.23, which represents 5.92120% of the hotel/motel tax allocated for FY 2017/2018. Of that amount, $43,792.42, which is 10%, is allocated for a Public Art Program, per the amended agreement between the City of Lubbock and Civic Lubbock, Inc., leaving $394,131.81 available for the 2018 Cultural Arts Grant Program. In addition, $855.74 in interest on prior year funds and $0.85 was carried over from the 2017 funds, less $10.00 in bank fees, making a total of $394,978.40 available for the 2018 CAGP. CLI elected to absorb any administrative expense in administering this program; therefore, the entire CAGP allocation of $394,978.40 was available for the two granting periods in 2018.

A Grant Workshop was held on October 29, 2018, for all organizations wishing to apply for a Cultural Arts Grant. Nineteen applications were received by the November 30, 2018 deadline. The CAGP Review Committee is recommending full or partial funding for all nineteen applicants.

The CAGP Review Committee, comprised of appointments by the City Council and representatives of the CLI Board of Directors, submitted their recommendations to the full CLI Board at the CLI December 13, 2018 meeting. These recommendations are now being presented to the City Council for approval.

The CAGP Review Committee and the CLI Board of Directors are requesting City Council approval of $198,978.00 in grant awards for the second granting period of the 2018 CAGP. The amount recommended will come from the remaining balance ($198,978.40) of the funds available for the 2018 CAGP, after the deduction of the first grant (June 2018) funding cycle, plus $5,850.00 in unused grant funds from the prior grant cycle. The unexpended $ .40 will be carried over to the 2019 CAGP.

All applicants recommended for grant awards are in good standing with the City and CLI.
Fiscal Impact
Staff/Board Recommending
Scott Snider, Assistant City Manager
CAGP Review Committee
CLI Board of Directors


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