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    7. 24.    
Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 01/12/2021  

Agenda Item
Resolution - Fleet Services: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute Purchase Order 31056445, with Roberts Truck Center, for the purchase of two 6-yard crew cab dump trucks for the Storm Water Department.
Item Summary
In response to ITB 21-15556-RR, the following bids were received, and were opened on November 18, 2020.
Vendor Unit Price Units Total Amount
Southwest International, Dallas, Texas $102,514.00 2 $205,148.00
Roberts Truck Center, Lubbock, Texas $103,824.74 2 $207,649.48
Lubbock Truck Sales, Lubbock, Texas $105,107.00 2 $210,214.00

After reviewing the bid submittals, Fleet Operations recommends awarding to Roberts Truck Center, the second lowest bidder, whose bid is within 5% of the lowest bid and whose principal place of business is located in Lubbock, Texas. This local bidder offers the best combination of contract price and additional economic development opportunities for the City, including the employment of City residents and increased tax revenue to the City

The purchase of two 6-yard crew cab dump trucks from Roberts Truck Center of Lubbock, Texas, will be in the amount of $207,649.48.
Fiscal Impact
$310,000 is appropriated in Capital Improvement Project 92678, FY 2020-21 Storm Water Vehicle Replacements, with $207,649.48 available for this purpose.
Staff/Board Recommending
Mark Yearwood, Assistant City Manager

Resolution (c) - 15590 - Roberts Truck Center
PO 31056445 Roberts Truck Center (15590)
ITB 21-15590-RR (c) Tabulation
Budget Detail
Project Summary Sheet 21-15590-RR
CIP Detail

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