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Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 12/17/2019  

Agenda Item
Resolution - Facilities Management: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute Contract 14994, with Hamilton Roofing Company, for roof replacement at Fire Station #5 (FS#5) located at 1101 Zenith Avenue.
Item Summary
This project consists of roof replacement for Fire Station #5.
Work includes application of asphalt primer to the existing modified bitumen roofing system, removing any blisters or ridging in the existing roof membrane.  Install new ½” per 12” sloped crickets as shown on roof plan and adhere specified ½” substrate board as specified.  Fully adhere specified SBS modified base sheet, and fully adhering one ply of Thermoplastic Evaloy sheet.  Install new miscellaneous carpentry to the perimeter roof details as specified to provide new substrate for flashing assembly as specified.  Raise all mechanical equipment and service lines to 8-inch minimum height above finished roof surface.  Provide a 20-year NDL manufacturer’s warranty with no exclusion for up to 2-inch diameter hail events, and a 2-year contractor’s warranty. 
Work includes application of dimensional wood framing and installation of prefinished metal cap with flashings to cover the roofing area atop of the parapet wall.  Any overflow scupper openings shall be covered with prefinished metal to match the color of the existing wall finish.
Work shall also include all HVAC and electrical piping disconnection and reconnection.  Installation shall be as per NRCA, SMACNA, and ANSI/SPRI specifications, details, and manufacturer's guidelines.
In response to request for proposals (RFP 20-14994-SG), 4 contractors submitted sealed proposals that were evaluated and ranked in relation to the published selection criteria, pursuant to Texas Local Government Code, Section 2269.  The proposals ranged in price from $50,347.00 to $90,741.90, with construction time estimated between 15-40 days.
The proposals were evaluated using the following criteria: Price (60 points), Contractor Qualifications (25 points), Safety Record Questionnaire (5 points), and Construction Time (10 points). The maximum point value is 300 points.
After the proposals were evaluated by a committee of three staff members, the following ranking was obtained:
Contractor Points
Hamilton Roofing Company of Lubbock, Texas 264
Tecta America CS LLC of Lubbock, Texas 254
Lydick-Hooks Roofing of Lubbock, Inc., of Lubbock, Texas 240
Roofs, Inc. of Lubbock, Texas 182

Time for completion was estimated at 60 consecutive calendar days, and liquidated damages are $250 per additional calendar day.
Texas Local Government Code Section 2269, requires the City to select the proposer that offers the best value based on the published selection criteria and on its ranking evaluation.  In determining the best value, the City is not restricted to considering price alone, and considers other factors stated in the selection criteria. The City and its engineer or architect may discuss with the selected proposer options for a scope or time modification and any price change associated with the modification.
Staff and the Evaluation Committee recommends award to the most qualified proposer, Hamilton Roofing Company of Lubbock, Texas, for $53,700, with time duration of 40 days for final completion.
Fiscal Impact
$1,200,000 is appropriated in Capital Improvement Project 92433, Major Repairs at Fire Facilities Phase II, with $53,700 available for this purpose.
Staff/Board Recommending
 Mark Yearwood, Assistant City Manager

Resolution (s) - Hamilton Roofing Company
Contract - Hamilton Roofing Co. (s)
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