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Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 12/01/2020  

Agenda Item
Resolution - Engineering: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute Contract 15514, with Utility Contractors of America, Inc., for construction of the Loop 88 Utility Relocation Project.
Item Summary
The limits of the proposed State Highway Loop 88 outer loop corridor are currently encompassing existing water infrastructure owned by the City of Lubbock. Pursuant to State rules and current intergovernmental agreements in effect, the City is required to relocate some of the municipal infrastructure to the outside of the proposed freeway. The work of this construction contract will provide for the relocation of approximately 4,600 linear feet of existing water lines ahead of the proposed State Loop 88, along 130th Street from Slide Road to University Avenue.

In Response to RFP 20-15514-TF, the following proposals were received and opened on October 8, 2020.
Contractors Amount
Deerwood Construction, Inc., Lubbock, Texas $1,324,652.90
MH Civil Constructors, Inc., Amarillo, Texas $1,335,000.00
Utility Contractors of America, Inc., Lubbock, Texas $1,339,187.00
Ferguson Construction Company, Lovington, New Mexico $1,518,929.75

The proposals were evaluated using the following criteria: Price (60 points), Contractor Qualifications (30 points), Safety Record Questionnaire (5 points), and Construction Time (5 points). A four-member committee evaluated the proposals and the following ranking was obtained. 
Contractor Points out of 400
Utility Contractors of America, Inc., Lubbock, Texas 391.6
MH Civil Constructors, Inc., Amarillo, Texas 384.7
Deerwood Construction, Inc., Lubbock, Texas 361.0
Ferguson Construction Company, Lovington, New Mexico 307.8

The Staff and Evaluation Committee recommends award of the unit price contract to the highest ranked proposer, Utility Contractors of America, Inc., of Lubbock, Texas, for the total negotiated contract amount of $1,339,187.00. The time for substantial completion of the project is 180 consecutive calendar days. This contract is awarded by the unit price and actual expenditures may be more or less depending on field conditions.
Fiscal Impact
$1,500,000 is appropriated in Capital Improvements Project 92588, Loop 88 Water Line Relocations, with $1,339,187.00 available for this purpose.
Staff/Board Recommending
Jesica McEachern, Assistant City Manager

Construction Contract
Location Exhibit
Budget Detail
CIP Detail
Project Summary Sheet

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