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AI- 7944   8. 5.    
Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 02/12/2019  

Agenda Item

Ordinance 1st Reading - Right-of-Way: Consider an ordinance abandoning and closing a portion of a 15-foot wide alley located adjacent to the south property line of Tract B, Adventure Park Addition, 4802 Marsha Sharp Freeway.

Item Summary

This ordinance abandons and closes a portion of a 15-foot wide alley. The area being closed will be fenced and landscaped. There will be a charge for the closure. In the closing process, a utility easement and a storm water drainage and impoundment easement will remain in effect.

The total area being closed is 6,291 square feet. The Right-of-Way Department has valued the closure at $0.50 per square foot based on adjacent property land values, for a value of $3,145.50 owed the City. A utility easement will be dedicated back to the City at no cost, therefore there will be a 50% credit for a total owed the City of $1,572.75.

All City departments and franchise utility companies are in agreement with the closure.

Fiscal Impact

$1,572.75 revenue to the General Fund

Staff/Board Recommending

Jesica McEachern, Assistant City Manager

Ordinance (c) -Abandon and Close 15 Foot Alley- Tract B Adventure Park
Exhibit A-Abandon and Close 15 Foot Alley-Tract B Adventure Park
Exhibit B - Storm Water Drainage and Impoundment Easement- Adventure Park

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