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Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 02/11/2020  

Agenda Item
Resolution - Communications and Marketing: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute Contract 14814, with MC&O, Inc., DBA the Owen Group, for advertising and marketing services.
Item Summary

The City solicited proposals, per RFP 19-14814-TF, for the services of a full-service advertising and marketing agency to assist with a variety of media campaigns, including online and social media, print, and video presentations for City departments. The service provider advises on content and design of material, prepares the advertising and marketing product, selects the appropriate media for advertising, and handles billing. These services are available for any City department with available funding, but are most commonly used by Police, Museums, Water Conservation, Storm Water, and Solid Waste departments. 

The proposals were evaluated according to the following criteria: 40 points for Samples of Work, 20 points for Vendor Questionnaire, 20 points for Business Services, Philosophy, and Financial Stability, 10 points for Cost, and 10 points for References, with a possible 100 points per Committee member.

The Evaluation Committee consisting of 3 members, gave the following ranking to the firms who submitted proposals:

Agency Points
MC&O, Inc., DBA the Owen Group, Lubbock, Texas 277
Landtroop, Inc., Lubbock, Texas 268
Primitive Social, LLC, Lubbock, Texas 260
Huffman Publishing, LLC dba Invasion Digital Media, Boynton Beach, Florida 234
Stevendev Marketing, Lubbock, Texas 206
Samson Advertising dba Relic Agency, Provo, Utah 206

The Evaluation Committee recommends the contract be awarded to the highest ranking firm, MC&O, Inc., DBA the Owen Group of Lubbock, Texas,

The contract term is for 1 year with the option of four 1-year extensions, said date of term beginning upon formal approval. The contract is awarded by the hourly rate, and actual expenditures will vary depending on actual usage. See Exhibit B of the contract, for the schedule of rates.

Fiscal Impact
Various City departments have advertising and marketing funds that are appropriated in the Adopted FY 2019-20 Operating Budget. Actual expenditures may vary from year to year depending on departmental needs. The previous contract for the services averaged $40,000 per year.
Staff/Board Recommending
Bill Howerton, Deputy City Manager

Resolution 14814
Contract 14814
14814 - Project Summary

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