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Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 08/13/2019  

Agenda Item
Resolution - Police: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute Purchase Order 10022102 with Remotec, Inc., for a portable bomb robot to be used by the Police Department.
Item Summary
In response to RFP 19-14771-SG, one proposal was received and opened on July 18th, 2019. The proposal was evaluated using the following criteria: Compliance with Stated Terms, Conditions, and Specifications (40 points), Qualifications and Experience (30 points), Pricing (20 points), and References (10 points). The maximum point value per evaluator was 100 points. After the proposal was evaluated by a committee of five, the following ranking was obtained:
Contractor Points
Remotec, Inc. of Clinton, Tennessee 500

The contract will be for a one-time purchase for a portable bomb robot. The bomb robot that the Lubbock Police Department currently has is inoperable and no longer repairable. Service to that model of robot is no longer supported and parts are no longer available or being manufactured. The portable bomb robot is a vital tool for officer and public safety during bomb or explosives investigations.
Fiscal Impact
The purchase will be made from the Abandoned Motor Vehicle Fund, not to exceed $234,360.
Staff/Board Recommending
 Jerry Brewer, Interim Chief of Police

Resolution - Romotec, Inc.
PO10022102 - Remotec, Inc.
Project Summary 14771

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