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Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 08/13/2019  

Agenda Item
Resolution - Right-of-Way: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute a Street Use License and/or City Public Ground Monitor Well Permit with Aptim Environmental and Infrastructure, LLC, (Aptim), for locating eight monitoring wells in the right-of-way of the 1100 block of North Ash Avenue.
Item Summary
This monitoring well permit allows Aptim Environmental and Infrastructure, LLC (Aptim), a contractor for Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), to drill eight (8) groundwater monitoring wells to evaluate contamination associated with the Scrub-a-Dubb Barrel Company. This work is to investigate possible impact to the surrounding properties from the former drum cleaning and reconditioning activities at the property of N. Ash Ave.

Aptim intends to install, sample, and maintain the proposed eight (8) monitoring wells along the City’s right-of-way. This permit is for 20 years and all City departments and franchise utility companies are in agreement with the monitoring wells. Upon completion of the testing, TCEQ has agreed to restore, at its cost and expense, the portion of the right-of-way utilized in this procedure to a condition which is substantially equal to its existing condition. The City of Lubbock waived the fees for the eight wells.
Fiscal Impact
Staff/Board Recommending
Jesica McEachern, Assistant City Manager

Resolution - City Public Grounds Monitor Well Permit
Street Use License and or City Public Grounds Monitor Well Permit
Exhibit A - Street Use License and City Public Ground Monitor Well Permit

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