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    6. 23.    
Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/10/2019  

Agenda Item
Resolution - Facilities Management: Consider a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute Contract 14811 with Johnson General Contractors Group, LLC, for renovations at the Mae Simmons Senior Center located at 2004 Oak Avenue.
Item Summary
The scope of work will include:
Expansion and renovation of existing men's toilet
Replacement of existing ceramic tile flooring with new vinyl tile
Installation of handicap automatic door opening system on existing main entry door
Replacement of two existing split system HVAC units with new upgraded units
Modifications to existing gas lines, conduits, wiring, ductwork transitions, flues, etc.
Preparation and re-painting existing exterior hollow metal doors, hollow metal frames, handrails, metal fascias, metal gravel guards, plaster walls and plaster soffits
Re-caulking of existing exterior expansion joints and openings

A total of four firms submitted proposal for this project. Three were local and one was from the Dallas area. Prices ranged from $76,150 to $120,831, and the number of days ranged from 60 days to 90 days.

The proposals were evaluated using the following criteria: 60 points for Cost, 25 points for Contractor Qualifications, 5 points for Safety Questionnaire, and 10 points for Construction Time. The maximum point value for each proposal is 300 points. After the proposals were evaluated by a committee of 3 staff members, the following ranking was obtained:
Contractor Total Points
Johnson General Contractors Group of Lubbock, Texas 280 Points
Henthorn Commercial Construction of Lubbock, Texas 225 Points
Tommy Klein Construction of Lubbock, Texas 219 Points
K. Tillman Construction, LLC of Dallas, Texas 202 Points
Texas Local Government Code, Section 2269 requires the City to select the offeror that offers the best value based on the published selection criteria and on its ranking evaluation. In determining the best value, the City is not restricted to considering price alone, and considers other factors stated in the selection criteria. The City and its engineer or architect, may discuss with the selected offeror options for a scope or time modification and any price change associated with the modification.

Staff and Evaluation committee recommend award of this contract to the highest ranked proposal, Johnson General Contractors Group of Lubbock, Texas, for $76,150.
Fiscal Impact
The funding for this contract is from the FY 2018-19 Community Development Block Grant.
Staff/Board Recommending
 Mark Yearwood, Assistant City Manager

Bid Form
Project Summary 14811

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