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    6. 28.    
Regular City Council Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/10/2019  

Agenda Item
Resolution - Lubbock Power & Light: Consider a resolution authorizing the Director of Electric Utilities, or his designee, to execute an amendment to the Professional Services Agreement between the City of Lubbock, acting by and through Lubbock Power & Light (“LP&L”), and TMG Utility Advisory Services, Inc. (“TMG”), amending the Professional Services Agreement dated effective June 14, 2018.    
Item Summary
Effective June 14, 2018, the Electric Utility Board and City Council approved a professional services agreement to perform professional consulting services related to implementation of various systems for LP&L. The original agreement did not contemplate the attendance of LP&L staff at TMG’s Annual Utility Forum; therefore, LP&L and TMG desire to amend the contract to allow LP&L staff to attend the Forum.
Our team recognizes that other utilities and industry leaders can be very helpful as we move forward with our current CIS and AMI projects as well as plan for future investments in capital projects to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. We can benefit from others’ experiences as well as from relationships that we are able to leverage with various vendors.
Our current CIS and AMI installations are unique in the industry, in fact, worldwide – as such there are few resources that know how to do this or understand what impact cloud solutions have (positive and negative). They will all be in the same room at the same time. It would be beneficial to meet with these resources and form relationships as there will be issues that only these utilities will face – both during the implementation and in production (e.g., platform issues and how they are measured, reported and fixed; contractual and resourcing issues with Oracle; how to keep pace with application patches/releases; how to integrate new applications with cloud solutions). Solving these collaboratively will be easier than independently.
In general, this conference will bring together like-minded utilities to share best practices and innovations as well as foster relationships with mentors, counterparts, and vendors alike, all of whom we can call upon as resources in the future. Staff believes the TMG Utility Forum is the best conference to make this happen.
Fiscal Impact
There is no fiscal impact to the requested change. The TMG Annual Utility Forum does not charge a registration fee for current utility customers. Any other travel related expenses have been approved through the 2019-20 budget process under account 9111 (Travel and Training).
Staff/Board Recommending
Staff recommends approval of the resolution authorizing the Director of Electric Utilities to execute the amendment to the professional services agreement.

CC Resolution with Agreement
EUB Resolution with Contract

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